Lucas Sarkadi

I’m a French developer in love with creating video games since I’m 10 years old.
I went to an informatics engineering school and a video game creation school.

Nowadays I’m specialized on the Unity game engine.
During my free time, I build tools for its asset store.


And: Git, Agile workflow, Angular JS, SQL (MySQL and SQL Server), DevOps, Documentation, Cloud computing, UML …

Unity areas of expertises

  • Editor customization / tool
  • Physic system
  • UI
  • Input
  • Production workflow

I enjoy learning and polishing my skills and therefore love the idea of working on new concepts I am not familiar with already.

Juste Tools

This website is a showcase for the tools I’m creating. You can navigate around to see what I’ve done so far!

Professional experiences

Game Tool Developer – Voodoo
Making tools on Unity C# for hyper casual games

Full Stack Developer – OP Consulting
Backend developer work in C#/Java and Fronted developer work in Angular JS

Freelance Developer – Malt
Diverse missions, including work on a big scale moded minecraft server

School projects

George Méliès
George Méliès is a generic video game creation school, where I’ve learned about 2D and 3D arts, game design and video game production.

We realized multiples projects including two larger one that you can see the (French) trailer of here:

EPITECH is an informatics engineering school where I’ve learned about programming languages, mostly C and C++.
I’ve also learned about using Unix, MySQL, HTML/CSS and more.

I’ve developed multiple video games projects: a wolf3D engine in C, a 3D ray tracing graphic engine in C from scratch, a 2D online SHMUP game in C++, a 3D bomberman using low level libraries in C++ and a lot of other projects related to general informatics or mathematics.


When I’m not developing, I obviously like playing video games. Multiplayer ones with my closest friends and AAA or independent masterpieces by myself.

I like science, I enjoy watching video about mathematics or physics in my spare time.

I’m also passionate about music. I’ve been playing the drums for 10 years now and I listen to a lot of it, mostly Metal, Fusion and progressive Rock.

Additionally I’m a pop culture fan, I like watching sci-fi shows and movies.


I hope this page gave you an idea of who I am, please feel free to contact me.