Auto Singleton

Elevate your Unity game development with Auto Singleton, the ultimate tool for effortlessly and efficiently creating singletons.

Easy and Frictionless Creation
To make a class a singleton, simply decorate it with an attribute. This allows you to inherit from any MonoBehaviour or ScriptableObject-derived class without violating the Single Responsibility Principle, unlike other singleton pattern implementations.
You have the option to choose whether the attribute is inherited or not, enabling rapid iteration.

Clean and Efficient Workflow
Singleton assets are automatically generated in your project’s Assets folder.
MonoBehaviours are added to a new prefab, and ScriptableObjects are created. You can define from scripts where to create them and how to name them, with the freedom to modify them later as needed.
If you delete a singleton script, the associated asset is also deleted automatically.

High-Performance and Convenient Runtime API
Singleton instances are automatically instantiated at runtime, and you can easily retrieve them using a static class.
You can also perform various operations, such as finding a singleton using a predicate.

Complete Polymorphism Support
At runtime, you can select a singleton instance from a parent class or interface it implements.
Unlike other singleton pattern implementations, Auto Singleton does not tightly couple your code, making it compatible with or even a replacement for a dependency injection system.

Seamless User Experience
Singleton assets are displayed in the project window with a unique icon.
You can change various options and enable/disable any singleton with just a few clicks.
The package includes full sources (25+ scripts).

Documentation and Help
The documentation is clear and comprehensive, and the demo showcases various use cases.
Contacting support via email guarantees a response within a day or less, and there is a public Discord community for additional assistance.

Regular Updates
This tool will receive updates to fix bugs and introduce new features.
If you enjoy Auto Singleton, please consider leaving a review. Your feedback helps improve it!

Buy The Asset
Auto Singleton is available for free here.